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Modene Home InsuranceYour home is likely the most valuable asset you own. Choosing the proper insurance coverage is not something that you should do over the internet. At Modene Insurance Agency we are here to help you get the correct coverage at a competitive price. We have decades of experience in homeowners insurance claims to pull from.

Please be aware that all homeowners insurance policies are not created equally, coverage can vary greatly between carriers. We have chosen several top rated regional insurance companies to offer you homeowners insurance with.

A few of the extra coverages that we can offer:

• Guaranteed Replacement Coverage
• Backup of Sewers and drains
• Scheduled Personal Property Coverage
• Earthquake or Flood
• Watercraft Liability

Additionally, the discounts that you can potentially get on homeowners insurance vary greatly by carrier.

We can custom fit a policy to get you the maximum discounts, such as:

• New Construction
• Age of Roof
• Alarm System
• Loss Free
• Multi-Policy
• Multi-Peril Deductibles
• Generator Discount
• Group Affiliation

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